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Are You/We Becoming More Psychic?

I asked it.

I meant it, I'm here to represent it.

Just don't go thinking about bending spoons n' shit - there is no spoon.

More and more I am hearing people say things I am thinking about.

I receive emails and Tweets around subjects I had just been discussing, in real life (IRL).

The phrase, "Great Minds Think Alike" has never been so evident - on a global scale.

This leads me to ask, "Are we all thinking the same thing, at the same time?"

Did I project across the digital void?

Am I an interloper? Meddling with the collective consciousness?

Scary.  It's starting to freak me out.

What's the essence of my queries?

We can say it, we're big kids now, we're not 18 years old anymore.

"Psychic".  Quick, somebody search out Leonard Nimoy.

Better yet, let's go to Webster (not that lil kid from the TV show). Here is part of  the definition of  "Psychic":

"...sensitive to nonphysical or supernatural forces and influences : marked by extraordinary or mysterious sensitivity, perception, or understanding..."

You know, a lot of times it helps to break down a complex issue into the basics, it becomes easier to understand.  I learned this from the movie Nightshift. So let's do just that: - Tweet This

". ...sensitive to nonphysical or supernatural forces and influences..."

At first, this can look a bit nebulous. I contend "nonphysical or supernatural" are defined by the scientific and situational awareness of the person observing the phenomena. For instance, comets and lightning were at one time considered "nonphysical and supernatural" - not anymore. Today we know Zeus throws bolts and comets in the night sky foretell the coming of a new prince, so we got those covered.

Seriously, what is 'nonphysical and supernatural' one day is common place the next.

The danger occurs when the established hierarchies that where built on old beliefs, force down the tenants of the past.  See Copernicus, Bruno, Galileo, Descartes, Newton, Halley, Darwin, Hubble, and Bertrand Russell - another time, another post.

I shall continue:

"...extraordinary or mysterious sensitivity, perception, or understanding..."

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook(yuk), Foursquare, blogging, news alerts, smart phones, tablets, 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G, WiFi, 130Mbps, Kindle, Nook, Starbucks, GPS - augmented reality -  iTunes, Google Circles, NetFlix on demand, email, DropBox,, all of it, all of us, in the Clouds.  Biblical metaphor?  This stuff cannot be made up.

These tools and apps, are digital means of extraordinary AND mysterious sensitivity.  Our perception has exploded from what we can physically see to what we imagine and see with our mind's eye.  The Third Eye(Blind).

Our connectivity, along what I refer to as the 'little grid', has the potential to crystallize our understanding of things.  All things.  All things that are and  have ever been - Google has been digitizing EVERYTHING

So are we more psychic? Yes.
Yes, indeed.

As we connect deeper, our perceptions widen, awareness and sensitivity enhances.  Because of Moore's Law, IBM, Steve Jobs, NASA and the Internet, We see more.

Also, as we become attuned to our connections, our brain quickly adapts to digesting more.

Our minds fall into a rhythm and begins to predict. The predictions are not random, or absolute, but hunches.(at first)

Think I am wrong or off my rocker?  Well, off my rocker?  Agreed.  Consider the well known and observed phenomena The Missing Letter Effect.  Or better yet, illusions of the mind when the mind predicatively fills in missing segments making assumptions based on past experiences - deep experiences.

And we learn.

Are these triangles real? They appear to be, because the brain automatically fills in lines that are missing. But if you block out parts of the picture, the white triangle vanishes.
So what?  Learning isn't ESP.  Experience leads to wisdom, not spoon bending or precognition. Just because at some point in the very near future, every, single piece of data about the history of all mankind will be digitized and accessible. (at first)

The point isn't really the availability of all content, it is the expectation.

The little grid,  the access points along it and our continued, if not constant, connection is training our brain and our mind, to predict.  Maybe we're predicting just a nano second into the future - or maybe you're getting more 'hunches' about your probability of closing a sale and the ever dynamic political environment in the Middle East.

Whatever it is, you're not alone.  Good ideas are popping up everywhere except in the cubicles, corner offices or boardrooms

There is one more thing.  I have referred to the digital realm as the "Little grid" - do you have any idea what i refer to as the Big Grid?

Heady stuff isn't it?  Ferocious, ain't I? You ready for some sugar?



  1. Greg,
    Welcome to being part of "the Force". The earth and all things on it are a physical manifestation of the spiritual realm. All things are connected whether we understand it or not. Of course in the spiritual realm there are only two forces good and evil. Or positive and negative for those non-believers. Plus and minus. zeros and ones. God created an orderly physical world out of nothingness. It is the order that allows us to understand and learn.

    Anyway, yes there is a powerful spiritual well connected world in which we live. Whether we understand it, accept it or participate in it is up to each of us. . . free will. All things happen for a reason. Most of the time we are unable to comprehend all the consequences of our daily actions.

    As mankind strives to create our own order to understand the world in a non-spiritual context the more we reach the technical ability to become "The Borg", or live in "The Matrix".

    I still like the face-to-face physical human interactions.

    Guess Who?


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