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Mornings with Greg and Jen...Kids With Apples, Google's Galactic Domination and Sucky Content

“… At each period of growth all the growing twigs have tried to branch out on all sides, and to overtop and kill the surrounding twigs and branches, in the same manner as species and groups of species have at all times overmastered other species in the great battle for life.”

 – Chuck Darwin

Everything changes; what's old is new.

We communicate around the world seemingly at the speed of thought.  All of us, truly, on the "same page".

For instance, Whitney Houston's death was reported on Twitter 27 minutes before the 'traditional' media reported it. Indeed, according to data from Topsy Labs, a tweet by the Associated Press confirming Houston's death in California on Saturday afternoon US time was retweeted more than 10,000 times.

Not only did the news spread across the globe, it happened instantaneously.

Enter Charles Darwin.

We are evolving.  Yes, I know we always have been, but today's acceleration of communications/connections is pushing us faster - our twig on Darwin's Tree of Life is sprouting so quickly, we can almost hear it grow.

Three examples - kids, secret labs and massive content - are plucked from the digital headlines.  Jen and I talked and you get to listen.

Oh the between the sheets joy!

Apple's In Schools.  It's like 1980 all over again.

This morning we woke to a nifty article about the Mooresville School district and laptops - in the New York Times, no less. Mooresville is just up the road from us. The folks who live there and the kids who attend school in the district are a hearty bunch. When they wear a collar, be assured it is often blue.

The school district is leasing Apple laptops for $215.00/year

"The district’s graduation rate was 91 percent in 2011, up from 80 percent in 2008. On state tests in reading, math and science, an average of 88 percent of students across grades and subjects met proficiency standards, compared with 73 percent three years ago. Attendance is up, dropouts are down. Mooresville ranks 100th out of 115 districts in North Carolina in terms of dollars spent per student — $7,415.89 a year — but it is now third in test scores and second in graduation rates..."

These results did not come with simply a monetary cost, to clear the million dollars needed, 67 jobs were eliminated - 37 teachers.  Surprisingly, class size increased from 18 to 30.

Technology to the rescue.

Google new labs.

Google is not satisfied with ruling your data, they also want in on all the really cool gadgets we use to access our cloud.  So in a not so secret bunker, GooglePlex, the google-heads are working with  "...rare gases and innovative optical coatings..." to come up with nifty personal devices.  Devices to compete with "iEverythings".  Mmmm...gases and coatings. Yum.

Reports also state that the area is  "...set to include as yet unspecified ‘precision optical technology’" and will include anechoic and thermal chambers to test sound and radiation patterns.

Some buildings are protected against radio waves and can be used to test cool things for @home.

How very interesting...

Content Everywhere, and nothing to Drink.

And finally, a 'real' writer/blogger/technology pundit/journalist takes on the under belly of the internet - copied, unoriginal and unsubstantiated content.

For any of us who write, as a hobby or for pay, know - the internet is both the best thing to ever happen in journalism and the worst thing to ever happen for writing.  It's a lovely, delicious, razor's edge.

The viewpoint is nothing new, but I admire the writers gravitas for calling bullshit and using the 'F' word to illustrate his passion.

The particulars of his argument lament the inability for anyone to be an expert in 20 separate subjects and that in a quest to win 'views', empty volumes are the easiest and most profitable.

I agree, but that doesn't make it right. The author goes on without an explicit recommendation, but there is this,

  "...The only thing I can offer is the advice to take everything you read in the technology press with a grain of salt. Perhaps several. The likelihood that at least part of it is nonsense is very strong. And stronger by the day...The best writers will fall away because the system will no longer favor what they do. Or they’ll break towards the bullshit and thrive, but we’ll all be worse for it."

The simple and shallow are irrelevant in seconds - usually replaced by a an equally simplistic copy of a long forgotten original.

He know's, as do I, it really doesn't just doesn't matter.

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