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How to Build Managed print Services Inside a VAR

TechData has one...

IngramMicroD has one...

Synnex has had one for a while now...

Everybody is talking but few are actually doing.

Managed Print Services, it is so easy, all we are talking about is delivering toner and servicing printers, right?

It's the same thing as monitoring desktops, servers and storage, correct?

Heck, even your traditional RMM and infrastructure systems like Level Platforms and Keseya are talking about or bolting Managed Print Services modules on to their systems.

Everybody is doing it.

Except you.

Why is that?

Do you consider yourself a VAR?

Are you thinking about implementing a Managed Print Services Practice?

Let Walters & Shutwell outline an approach for you during our thrill-packed, 60 minute webinar.

Jennifer and I will compare and contrast Managed print Services with Managed Services.

How is the "cloud' similar to MPS?

Solution Selling...what is Solution selling?

Should I or should I NOT get into MpS?

We'll discuss these and other aspects of the wonderful world of MpS, from a VAR's perspective.

Join us August 20, 2012. 2:00PM to 3:00PM EST.

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